Perl and Google Code-in 2012

Unfortunately we were not successful in our application to be a part of GCI in 2012. Google received many more applications for the program than they are able to accommodate.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted tasks or who volunteered to be a mentor. We have been encouraged to reapply in the future so with luck we will take part in another year.

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The Perl Foundation is once again aiming to participate as a mentoring organisation in Google Code-in 2012. Under the GCI programme, students will undertake short, well defined tasks for which they will gain credit and the two best students from each organisation will be invited to visit the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. More detailed information is available in the GCI FAQ and Rules.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get young students involved in open source software in general and Perl in particular. One of the aims of the GCI programme is to find those who will become long-term contributors and ensure the future of open source projects.

For the programme we need to supply tasks spread over five categories. The programme ideally suits small tasks that can be achieved within a few hours of work. The students will be at high school/college and be aged between 13 and 17 years.

For each task there should be enough information to enable the student to complete the task with the assistance of a mentor or project contributor who will offer guidance where appropriate.

Here are some suggestions for tasks:

  • Develop a new feature.
  • Fix a bug. (Go and check your RT or github queue.)
  • Add tests for a feature.
  • Add tests to improve coverage. (Take a look at cpancover).
  • Port a module to a new operating system.
  • Write an example application or script to demonstrate a module.
  • Add to or improve documentation.
  • Write a tutorial.
  • Make a tutorial video.
  • Make a promotional video.
  • Make a homepage for a module. (Can be hosted on github).
  • Add internationalisation (I18N) to a module.
  • Investigate API changes.
  • Research new ideas. algorithms or libraries.
  • Compare and contrast modules.

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Projects can benefit from having low to medium priority tasks handled in this way. More complex tasks can also be submitted though these will require careful scoping and an experienced mentor.

Please add your tasks to the list, and if you can also sign up as a mentor it will be much appreciated, but please add your tasks even if you can't mentor them yourself. Please sign up at the mentors page.

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